Spheres of influence are another way to illustrate the Sanskrit planes such as the ancient Hebrew graphic from the Cabala called “The Tree of Life” dating back over two thousand five hundred years ago. “Carlton’s Introductory to the Cabala” depicts a hierarchy of planes as connected spheres, or multidimensional powerhouses that eventually materialize life as we know it here on the Earth plane (Halevi). A simpler illustration of spheres within spheres is illustrated in Figure 29. These graphic spatial relations provided as figures 27-29, just like any other graphs or maps, enable a subject-object relation in order to understand these worlds on a human level. Most importantly, if we shift our consciousness into these areas, no explanations or graphs are needed for we operate in these worlds by naturally moving about in them—much like a quick dip into the sea as we naturally swim about with the creatures of the aquamarine plane.