As understanding propels us to the center of truth, we gain unfathomable momentum easily overcoming the speed of light. We quickly penetrate the etheric sheath bursting with a big bang of uniform silent stillness; awakening to a quiet world of endless horizons stretching into the formless- purity of form. Our bare feet trod the cool grass of a mystical garden that the Hebrew calls Eden, where Adam was formed in God’s image from moistened dust of this plane, archetype clay of simple shapes bored by Divine Ideas. Atman is the birth place of the atma, our own identical individualities. Set apart by experience, we know one another by way of empathy and we are seen as shining stars sparkling about in a cosmic sea of unconditional freedom. Atman is the birthplace of Iness coined the ‘Atma” by ancient Indian Sage’s which is synonymous with the soul body of Hebrew, Christian and Islamic faiths. When we talk about the Sanskrit term, atma, we are talking about the same soul body referred to by the majority of religious beliefs. Just as creatures of the deep, atmas take on a form or body that is best suited for a particular plane of operation. The individual soul is marked only by the experience acquired under conditional restraints of the lower planes, the first of which is termed the etheric plane. The conditional properties of the etheric plane are the frameworks necessary to fence in the painful playground of “the school of hard knocks”. The Atma takes on an etheric “jiv-Atma” body like a set of clothes or costume. The jivatma is the mask of soul, the first manifestation of the archetype Atman properties by way of negation, limitation or undefined schema- all things that come to be already exist