Charles Burton poetically describes the higher planes as the “Over Soul” published in 1939 (Burton). If heaven exists, and I argue that it necessarily exists, our own solar system must be nested within its heavenly properties. In contemporary literature, we lose this association because our language now determines these concepts as “abstract ideas.” How can it be established that our solar systems, including Earth, spins in abstract space, an area that can only be appreciated intellectually? Self examination of the body such as the legs, hands,and arms are commonly concluded as utilities—a means for gathering provisions or a way to get from one place to another. Seldom do we think of bodily forms as reflections of human states such as individuality, freedom, or to grasp an idea. Human forms as well as all objects are shaped by our own perceptions and understanding. So it is our very understanding that opens our sleepy eyes to an archetype, or why things look the way they do. Away and beyond the temporal planes exists an unconditional state of affairs the Hindu calls Atman. The endless vistas of Atman are inaccessible to travelers burdened with binary baggage of the mental world. Light travelers,