We have already established that jivatmas and greys represent the same entity operating off the etheric plane. This plane is often called the mental plane. Such nomenclature is helpful if we are to describe and illustrate the anatomy of the human grey body. Again, it’s important to exclude for simplicity first person grey bodies which some may argue as viewing ones own self or their own etheric body. Self recognition, perhaps self realization of personal corresponding bodies of the individual self, is outside the scope of this small work. Although when speaking of etheric plane bodies, an important note must be understood- we are describing bodies that correspond (tied together) to each human on earth as well as innumerable alien populations of the universe. All humans have etheric grey type bodies but not all greys have human bodies! “Anatomy of the Human Grey Body” illustrates what a human grey body looks like and why it looks the way it does. The illustrations in this work are derived from actual experiences with greys, offering an objective contrast comparison. Further, the illustrations depict greys that are not in every case associated with earthy human bodies— aliens in every sense of the word—galactic, intergalactic, or multidimensional space travelers.